Jorge Goes reveals the theme “Balada de Lisboa”

second single from the album "Essências"

Balada de Lisboa” is the second single from the album “Essências” by Jorge Goes, and features a stunning interpretation of the poem by renowned poet Manuel Alegre.

In this single, Jorge Goes delivers a deeply emotional performance, channeling the rich cultural heritage of the city of Lisbon. The song is a perfect example of why Fado was recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The unmistakable voice of Jorge Goes is at the forefront of the song, accompanied by delicate guitar work and the tensions and wails of the Portuguese guitar. The lyrics, which speak of the beauty and melancholy of the city of Lisbon, are delivered with a heartfelt intensity that is sure to stir the listener’s emotions.

After the first single “Não estava à Espera Confesso” by Tozé Brito, we now present “Balada de Lisboa”, a poem by Manuel Alegre with music by Mário Mata.

The album “Essências” will be on sale on the 2nd of June with the support of Antena 1/Vozes da Lusofonia

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