Jorge Mourato returns to Stand Up with SINCERA-MENTE in January

Jorge Mourato takes his latest Stand Up show, SINCERA-MENTE, to the Villaret Theater in Lisbon every Wednesday from 22 January.

Back in the Stand-Up register, the actor welcomes us into his personal world and invites us to see the world around us from his point of view in a fun and sarcastic blah blah blah … This was what you were asked to write to briefly describe the show…

But it won’t be any of this if you want to know the truth. Jorge will be standing, with a microphone in his hand, and will talk about what he feels like and give him in real ghana: it can be animals, tourists, movies, mothers-in-law, fashion, TV, sex (there must always be if no one appears), emigrants, family, love…

Jorge will even ask questions and invite the public to comment on certain topics, see there. He says it’s supposed to be an interactive show, it sounds good … (and it’s always the way he talks less and time goes by faster).

Once you know all this, still have questions? Look, rather doubts than debts. And since sadness does not pay for it, what are you waiting for to appear?

Author and Interpretation Jorge Mourato
Production Production Force

Wednesdays at 9:30 pm
Tickets:  €12

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