Jorge Palma debuted at the Feira da Luz in Lisbon

The singer Jorge Palma was chosen to open the festivals of Feira da Luz on August 31

Luz is partying and started last Saturday, August 31st, the famous Feira da Luz at Jardim da Luz in Carnide, Lisbon.

Since 1992, the city has been culturally allied with the festivities that culminate in the Nossa Senhora da Luz Procession.

The Feira (fair) is held throughout the month of September, starting on August 31st and only ending on September 29th.

The first to step on the big stage of Luz was singer Jorge Palma.

The Portuguese musician and composer filled Jardim da Luz for what was one of the highlights of Feira da Luz.

The audience remembered themes they didn’t even remember knowing by heart such as “Frágil“, “Encosta-te A Mim” and “Deixa-me Rir“, surrendering to the singer’s magic for a memorable night.

The month is long and the Light Fair will only end on September 29, until then you can still hear Átoa, João Pedro Pais, Sons do Minho, Rochinol Faduncho, Herman Jose, Cuca Roseta, Project Cid, Ana Bacalhau and Carapaus, Azeite & Alho.

In addition to the music, you can enjoy various taverns and bars, craft windows and even activities for the youngest and for the whole family.

Come meet this great party!

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