Jorge Palma, Miguel Araújo and Márcia mark the cultural agenda

Concerts with Jorge Palma, Miguel Araújo and Márcia mark the cultural agenda of Castelo Branco for the second quarter of the year, which also includes the show Por Terras de Zeca Afonso, a tribute to his work.

“The Primavera Vibra Culture Agenda begins with several comprehensive proposals, with Miguel Gizzas, Branko, who will be accompanied by Sara Tavares, Dino d’Santiago and Cachupa Psicadélica,” explains the Mayor of Castelo Branco, Luís Correia.

The mayor points out that, in addition to these top musicians, the city will host the Portuguese Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by the former professor of the School of Applied Arts Osvaldo Ferreira, and the group from Corsica “The Filetta”, which presents a little of the tradition of the Sacred Songs of that Italian region, in a program framed in the Paschal period.

The Culture Vibra agenda also includes Castelo Branco on Saturday, DJ and music producer Branko, who will perform at 9.30 pm at Cineteatro Avenida, where he will present his second album, Nosso.

Musician and composer Jorge Palma performs at Cineteatro Avenida on April 26 at 9:30 p.m., continuing the success of the “Expresso do Fallono” tour, which took place at the end of 2018.

On May 3, it is the turn of the Dead Hand and Ines Jacques to act on the stage of Cineteatro Avenida, at 9:30 p.m.

“In the End Era o Frio” is a project that brings together a group of musicians to a group of dancers to present a deconstruction of dance and music spectacle.

Contrary to the usual rock concert, where the band performs to play their music, it is a show where a group of dancers presents the band’s music, giving body and movement to what it touches.

The next day, May 4, the Cultural Center of Alcains receives, at 9:30 pm, the musical performance “Por Terras de Zeca Afonso”, a concert centered on the figure of Zeca Afonso and which is a tribute to his work, either as a composer or as a poet.

The show will have interpretations in various formats, namely in duet, quartet and solo.

This 2019 tour features the arrangements and musical direction of Davide Zaccaria and the voices of the singers Filipa Pais, João Afonso, Maria Anadon and Zeca Medeiros who will be accompanied by renowned musicians such as Armindo Neves (electric guitar), Paolo Massamatici (oboe ), Luís Pinto (bass), Ivo Martins (drums), and mentor and musical director Davide Zaccaria (acoustic guitar and cello).

On May 18, it is Miguel Araújo’s turn to perform at Cineteatro Avenida, at 9:30 pm, where he will present his “Casca de Noz” project.

The singer Márcia, one of the greatest talents of the composition in the Portuguese language, acts in the Cultural Center of Alcains on June 29, at 9:30 p.m.

The Culture Vibra agenda also presents a wide range of initiatives that will take place in the municipality of Castelo Branco, such as theater, photographic exhibitions, and other events that take place during the second quarter of the year.

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