José Camilo & His Cúmplices release new single “Turismo”

After the release of the song “Sangue Beirão, Faca no Coração”, José Camilo & Seu Cúmplices have just released “Turismo”, the second single in anticipation of their future album scheduled for 2024 and with the Brava Marítima label.

Between the careful lyrics and refined diction of some of the noblest singers and the fast beat accompanied by the distorted guitar of punk-rockers, the artist from Queluz has marked his position in Portuguese music since the release of his debut album, “ 24 Horas no Subúrbio”, in 2013 – an album that emerges with the concept of what it was like to grow up in a city on the Sintra Line, in the shadow of the capital, the big city – where melancholic songs appeared, but at the same time strongly rooted in rock, with intense guitars and a sound inspired by the 90s (but far from being anchored in this decade).

In 2016, with his second album, entitled “Obra Camiliana”, melancholy turned into anger and suburbia in immense Portugal, with José Camilo offering us songs with dirty guitars and dizzying speed drums. The EP “Sem Rei nem Rock” followed in the musician’s repertoire in 2018, at a time when the artist showed himself less as a rocker and more as a songwriter, presenting himself more naked and where the powerful drums of previous albums, gave way to the acoustic guitar, thus earning the nickname “Punkautor”. The following year, José Camilo returned to surround himself with Seus Cúmplices – the band that accompanies him live – to return to energetic rock with the album “Subterrâneo”, showing in 2021 his versatility in the musical world, with the release of “Poets shouldn’t be boring, but readers can’t be stupid” – an album in which guitars gave way to keyboards, song lyrics to poems without rhyme or chorus and the singing voice was replaced by spoken word.

For this new album, José Camilo invites Seus Cúmplices to also take part in the creative and recording process, being responsible for the arrangements of the songs that the musician composes, being, unlike its predecessors, an album recorded together, with the arrangements being created on the spot by the musicians and will have the appropriate name “José Camilo & Seus Cúmplices”.

“Turismo” is the second single taken from this upcoming album, being the track in which José Camilo & Seus Cúmplices show where they are coming from – if the first single sounded like a whirlwind in the sea, “Turismo” sounds like a classic alternative rock in song format pop and full of hooks that grab us from the first listen. “Here there are echoes of old Portuguese rock with careful lyrics and well-defined riffs, with arrangements full of detail, with a focus on keyboard sounds and female choirs” – highlights the publisher Brava Marítima about José Camilo’s new work, adding that “every day is perfect and we are all tired of touring on the edge of an abyss”.

“Turismo” and the music video that accompanies the track are available digitally from today, December 8th.

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