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José Cid blasts…

Campo Pequeno

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José Cid took the songs of his life to Campo Pequeno in what was “One of the Best Concerts of the Year”.

The Emmy Award-winning singer was accompanied by excellent musicians: Chico Martins on guitar, Manuel Marques on saxophone, Samuel Henriques on drums, Pepe on double bass and instrumentalist, Amadeu Magalhães.

The visual part was also excellent, the videos that, for two and a half hours, illustrated the entire concert, calling attention to what illustrated “No Tempo Feliz”, a theme that the singer dedicated to his wife, Gabriela.

The artist starts the concert by giving Benjamim, the son of Carolina Deslandes, singing “Velho Moinho”, the 4-year-old boy’s favourite song.

José Cid – Campo Pequeno 2021.10.15 ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

In addition to Carolina Deslandes, the singer’s daughter, Ana, Júlio Isidro to whom he dedicates “De Mentirosos está o Inferno Cheio” and Paulino Coelho, announcer at Rádio Renascença, were in the audience.

Cid participated in some Song Festivals,A Rosa que Eu Te Dei”, “Ontem, Hoje e Amanhã” and “Um Grande, Grande Amor were some of the songs sung at these festivals.

O Menino Prodígio Sou Eu” is a rock theme that the artist considers autobiographical.

Written by Ana, her daughter, she sang “Sonhador”. From her last album “Fados, Fandangos, Milhões…e Uma Valsinha”, she dedicated “No Tempo Feliz”, the “valsinha“, Gabriela, his wife, companion, the woman with whom he has shared his life for thirty-five years.

José Cid – Campo Pequeno 2021.10.15 ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

 During the concert, she told that she recently lost her older sister, revealing that she was the person who helped him the most, who believed in her music, who told her “never stop singing”, for her “Querida Irmã”, the song she will make part of your new album.

There was no lack of tribute to Zeca Afonso with “Milho Verde”, and with Mário Mata on stage they sing Não Há Nada pra Ninguém” and “Já conheço esse Olhar and with Tozé BritoD. Sebastião”, “João Gilberto and Astor Piazolla”.

José Cid – Campo Pequeno 2021.10.15 ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

This was followed by songs that were part of a generation, it was a journey through Portuguese music with “Coração de Papelão“, “20 Anos”, “Nasci pra Música”, “Se Chico Buarque me Cantasse um Fado”, “São Salvador do Mundo”, “Como o Macaco Gosta de Bananas”, “Cabana Junto à Praia” and “A Morrer de Amor por Ti”.

Calling his guests to the stage ends with the medley “Cabana”, “Amanhã de Manhã” song with lyrics by Tozé Brito and an anthem to Doce  and “Um Grande, Grande Amor”.

It was a devastating, brilliant concert, showing a 77-year-old José Cid full of life, full of grit, two and a half hours of music and sharing a life that threw the pandemic behind in an arena for good. who only sinned for not having run out. Those who attended the call were treated to what was “One of the Best Concerts of the Year”, by someone who is, without a doubt, a great artist in national music.

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