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José Cid distinguished with the António Quadros Award

Cid represented Portugal in international festivals, namely in Tokyo, in 1971, of the Ibero-American Television Organization (OTI), in 1979, with “Uma Cabana Junto à Praia”, in Eurovision, in 1980, with “Um Grande, Grande Amor” and, in 1981, again at OTI, with “Uma Lágrima”.

Last year he received the Latin Grammy Carreira and, in 2015, his album “Menino Prodígio” was distinguished with the José Osório Award, from the Portuguese Society of Authors.

The jury was chaired by Judge Manuela Fialho and also constituted by António Roquette Ferro, former director of the Faculty of Design, Technology and Communication (IADE), of the European University, by businessman Francisco de Abreu Gautier, by manager of musical careers Isabel Rocha and Mello, and by Madalena Ferreira Jordão, from the FAQ.

The essayist Afonso Rocha, the poet Luís Filipe Castro Mendes and the actress Carmen Dolores were some of those distinguished in previous editions of the award.

The FAQ was created in January 2009 at the initiative of Mafalda Ferro, daughter of António Quadros. It is a non-profit institution that supports the investigation and dissemination of the life and work of António Quadros and also of his parents Fernanda de Castro and António Ferro.

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