José da Felicidade Alves’s work on churches published online

José Felicidade Alves (1925-1998) was a Catholic priest who was in charge of the parish of Santa Maria de Belém, in Lisbon, from where he was removed in late 1968, by the then cardinal patriarch Manuel Cerejeira, due to his very different positions. criticisms of the Estado Novo regime, namely with regard to colonial policy.

In the middle of 1970 he was arrested by the political police, PIDE-DGS, and in November 1973, he was tried and acquitted by a Plenary Court, along with other oppositionists such as Abílio Tavares Cardoso, Manuel Mendes Mourão and Nuno Teotónio Pereira.

Felicidade Alves, in addition to the religious life from which he was compulsively removed, carried out research, namely on the city of Lisbon and on the Renaissance period in Portugal, highlighting the figure of Francisco de Holanda (1517-1585), on which he coordinated and noted a collection consisting of six titles published between 1984 and 1989.

He also coordinated the “Cidade de Lisboa” collection, in a total of five works published between 1987 and 1990. His bibliography also includes three volumes on the Jerónimos Monastery, a book on Jesus of Nazareth (1994), in addition to the works “Católicos e Política” (1969), “Pessoas Livres” (1970) and “É Preciso Nascer de Novo” (1970).

Critic of the colonial war, the Censorship regime and the political police of the Estado Novo, Felicidade Alves questioned the structures and doctrine of the Catholic Church, namely, catechesis.

In 1970, he married by the Civil Registry, in Caldas da Rainha, and on June 10, 1998, a few months before he died, by the Catholic Church, in a marriage celebrated by the then cardinal patriarch José Policarpo. Since 1974 he has been a member of the Portuguese Communist Party.

José Felicidade Alves was awarded, on June 10, 1994, with the Order of Liberty Order by the then President of the Republic Mário Soares, and the following year he received the Júlio de Castilho de Olisipografia prize, awarded by the Lisbon City Council.

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