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José Ramalho and Rita Fernandes national marathon champions

The canoeists José Ramalho and Rita Fernandes in K1 and Sérgio Maciel in C1 are national marathon champions in the races that took place in Crestuma, Vila Nova de Gaia on the Douro River.

José Ramalho returned to show his entire class in Portugal, six times champion of Europe, and also twice runner-up, and also the runner-up of the world and three times medalist with bronze, fulfilling the 29.8 kilometres of the race in 2: 11.19,33 hours.

Only Alfredo Faria who faced, and finished at 3.72 seconds, on the podium in third place was Adriano Conceição who finished at 1.03.88 minutes.

Rita Fernandes in the women’s race made the 26.2 kilometres in 2: 11: 05.08, highlighting Marta Noval, with 1.40.75 minutes more, and third place Joana Marinho de Sousa, at 3.34.51.

Sérgio Maciel unrivalled in C1, completed the distance at 2: 09.36.25 hours.

Today, the team tests are also held in Crestuma, in the beautiful Douro River.

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