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José Valente continues to follow a restless path, mapped by the constant discovery of new musical possibilities for his instrument, the viola d’arco, now with the new album “Serpente Infinita”. Everyday life, fertile terrain for normalization, apathy, routine and banality, is now the starting point for this new work, already praised by critics (5 stars in the magazine and included in the list of best discs of the same publication) and presented in several national halls. The award-winning violist proposes to us a piece on the dark side, on the other hand, energetic and virtuous, laden with careful, detailed and unpredictable musical nuances. “Infinite Serpent, of the violetista (electric and eclectic) José Valente: superb work of avant-garde, revisiting the great Portuguese modernist Ana Hatherly, poetess, calligrapher and artist.” – Nuno Rogeiro in magazine Saturday.

Viola D’Arco, Electronic and Artistic Direction – José Valente
Piano and Synthesizers – Gabriel Pinto
Percussions and Electronica – Luís Bittencourt

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