Josslyn presents “Nem Céu Nem Mar”

“Nem Céu Nem Mar” Josslyn’s most recent single portrays the beautiful and prosperous phase in which the artist finds herself.

The production of this theme was in charge of the renowned producer, Tó Semedo, at É-Karga Music studios. The music video was directed by Wil Soldiers.

“Nem Céu Nem Mar” represents the passionate phase of life that Josslyn is living, in an attempt to express a very special passion that brought the artist the balance between Sky and Sea.

In recent years, Josslyn has shone in different styles such as Kizomba, R&B, and Afro-House, demonstrating her versatility, with an excellent sense of rhythm and melody, and her ability to adapt to any beat.

All the experience she acquired along her path and all the successes in collaborations with other artists, contributed to Josslyn standing out among artists and publishers.

Josslyn has collaborated with renowned artists such as Djodje, Yasmine, Mika Mendes, Dynamo, Ricky Boy, Tó Semedo, Pete Tha Zouk, Edgar Domingos, Jimmy P, Rui Orlando, among others.

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