Young Scientists represent Portugal in the European Science Contest

  • 100 jovens de 40 países disputam um dos mais prestigiados prémios europeus de ciência
  • The 33rd Edition of the European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) takes place this year in Leiden, the Netherlands from 13 to 18 September.
  • Fundação da Juventude puts in competition two research projects in the areas of Environmental Sciences and Mathematics.
  • Young Portuguese Scientists stood out in the National Science Exhibition, promoted by the Fundação da Juventude
  • 100 young people from 40 countries compete for one of the most prestigious European science awards

It is already today, the 13th, that another edition of the European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) begins, which will take place, this year, until the 18th of September, in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Sponsored by the European Commission, the competition has 100 young scientists from 40 countries taking projects from the most varied areas of science such as Biology, Environmental Sciences, Medical Sciences, Social Sciences, Economics, Engineering, Computer Sciences, Chemistry, and Physics.

Representing Portugal will be two teams of young Portuguese who stood out in the 15th National Science Exhibition – virtual, promoted by the Youth Foundation, last November.

“From the experimental approach to the order of magnitude of theoretical probability” is one of the projects that, after being highlighted at the National Science Exhibition, now goes on to the European Final. Developed in the Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Serafim Leite, in S. João da Madeira, carried out by Pedro Filipe Pinho Oliveira, and José Pedro Soares Marques dos Santos the project in the area of ​​Mathematics consists of verifying the existence of a relationship between the magnitude of probability, of an event, and the number of Monte Carlo simulations needed to obtain an experimental probability that is close to it.

Lucas Joaquim Sousa Dória and José Tiago Fernandes Vieira form the group that will compete with a project in the area of ​​Environmental Sciences. Developed at Escola B+S Bispo D. Manuel Ferreira Cabral, in Santana, Madeira, the project “Use of banana pulp to remove microplastics from contaminated water”, consists of the development of a biofilter made from the pseudostem of the banana tree, to remove microplastics from contaminated water.

More information is available at the National Science Show and at (European Union Contest for Young Scientists).

National Science Exhibition: From Portugal to the World

The National Science Exhibition, which this year marked its 16th edition, is already considered one of the largest at the European level. It is from this science meeting that the Youth Foundation itself, as a promoter of the National Contest for Young Scientists and the National Science Exhibition, selects projects destined to represent Portugal in European and international science competitions, such as the European Final and Intel ISEF, among others.

About the European Union Contest For Young Scientists (EUCYS)

The first edition of the European Union Competition for Young Scientists (EUCYS) began in 1989 with the aim of promoting cooperation and exchange between young researchers, giving them the opportunity to discuss their research projects with some of the leading scientists in the world. world.

Today, the European Final of the European Competition for Young Scientists remains an initiative of the European Commission, created with the aim of promoting the ideals of cooperation and exchange between young scientists. The Competition is one of the most important scientific research exhibitions carried out by young secondary school students.

Young scientists are given the opportunity to get in touch with other young people who share the same interests, as well as to establish contact with some of the most prestigious European scientists. In this way, the Commission has been supporting the most varied initiatives organized in each participating country with the aim of attracting young people to careers linked to science and technology.

About the Youth Foundation

Fundação da Juventude is a private, public interest, non-profit institution focused on Training, Entrepreneurship, and support for Youth Employment. It was created by notarial deed on September 25, 1989, by the hand of 21 public and private institutions and declared an institution of public utility, in March 1990. Nationally, the Fundação da Juventude has its headquarters in the city of Porto and a Delegation in Lisbon and the Tagus Valley region.

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