Joy and emotion on stage with Miroca Paris, Carolina Deslandes and Maro

Lisboa ao Palco

On a night of great joy and rhythms from Cape Verde with Miroca Paris, followed by a very intimate one by Carolina Deslandes with Maro, of excellent music that the public loved and even dropped some tears of emotion.

Miroca Paris

It debuted on September 26, 2020, at Quinta da Alfarrobeira, within the scope of the Lisboa ao Palco. Presentation of his CD “D’Alma”, his debut album, Miroca was accompanied by Luis Delgado, percussion, Jéssica Pina on trumpet and voice, Chico on electric guitar, Paulo Vicente on drums and Vice on viola.

Nhe Simpronia,” “Mund Amor”, “Guilhermina“, “Forti Tchora“, “Nkar Pur Si” and “Felicidad” were some of the themes heard in Benfica. He presented the audience with the theme “Joana Joaninha“, a song he sang in a duet with Dino d’Santiago.

For about 45 minutes hot music was heard to the rhythms of Cape Verde, very funaná.

Miroca, in these difficult times, had to reinvent herself, said that she has been on the road for 20 years, made tshirts, worked with cork, and even sold coffee from Cape Verde. He says he helped a lot of people, he was helped, and he came here, where he is now, on a solo career.

Many people gave him hope and sang “Nobody” to them. He recorded a single in Almada, according to ‘very nice‘, “Peace and Love“.

Cape Verdean musician Miroca Paris, became known for joining the band of Cesária Évora, made his solo debut with the single “Mund Amor“, a hymn to hope and love, a hymn to love between humans and speech of a love that can save the world, said Miroca on this topic.

The artist has already shared music with big names in music, Aline Frazão, Bonga, Camané, Celina Pereira, Cuca Roseta, Sara Tavares, Madonna, were some of them. Born in São Vicente, Cape Verde, he is the nephew of Tito Paris, with whom he has also sung.

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Carolina and Maro

They took the stage at Quinta da Alfarrobeira, for the second concert of the night. Concert announced at the last minute, as Paulo Flores and Prodígio could not perform, for family reasons.

Two voices and a guitar, the clear and sweet voice of Carolina Deslandes and the warm, husky voice of Maro.

Amiga“, “Não Me Deixes“, a first duet that the two sang, and that is part of Carolina’s last album, “Adeus, Amor Adeus“, “Stop when I hear your name“, by Maro.

Carolina is a confessed fan of Rui Veloso, and for this concert, they made musical arrangements for “Avião de Papel” that Carolina has sung with Rui Veloso and “Anel de Rubi“.

This was followed by “Still feal it all” by Maro and a musical arrangement for “The Scientist“, Song by Coldplay. “In your eyes” was a song that Carolina wrote about a mother’s infinite love for her son.

Hortelã” by Maro, was written by her while she was in Brazil, and was dedicated to her family that she missed.

Há uma Estrela“, by Carolina, “Tell me Yours Secrets“, by Maro, were two more themes presented by these two friends, two women, who admire each other, and do not hide the deep sympathy they feel.

This was followed by “Leva-me a Casa“, a project launched on June 30th, entitled “Mercúrio“, with Jimmy P, “A Vida Toda“, a song responsible for Carolina beginning to live only from music, “Sozinho” by Caetano Veloso and “I swear I saw FloresMaro’s song that is still being worked on.

Two more excellent concerts produced by Sons em Trânsito.

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