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Joyce Cândido enchants Lisbon with “The Musicals of Chico Buarque”

Teatro Tivoli BBVA

Yesterday at the Tivoli, Joyce Cândido presented “Os Musicals de Chico Buarque”, one of the main figures in music sung in Portuguese and owner of a vast body of work of undeniable quality, which also includes musicals.

Joyce Cândido, singer and actress and one of the most important voices in Brazilian music today, presented a concert in Lisbon that is a journey through the repertoire that the great Brazilian author wrote for musical theatre.

Joyce Cândido > Teatro Tivoli BBVA ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2023.03.09

The Brazilian singer presented in an intimate show, with piano and voice, the history of Chico’s musicals, ‘Ópera do Malandro’, ‘O Grande Circo Místico’, ‘Gota d’água’, ‘Calabar: O Elogio da Traição’, ‘ Os Saltimbancos’ and ‘Roda Viva’ were some of the works that Joyce presented at Tivoli, in a show designed by her, where nothing was left to chance.

Joyce Cândido is considered one of the main voices of samba and MPB of the new generation, stands out for her musical technical quality, and versatility, in addition to playing the piano, she is a dancer and actress and has already been invited to represent Brazil on several occasions. around the world.

Joyce Cândido > Teatro Tivoli BBVA ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2023.03.09

Born in Assis, in the interior of São Paulo, Joyce has lived in Rio de Janeiro for ten years and has recorded or performed with artists such as Elza Soares, João Bosco, Beth Carvalho, Jorge Aragão, Carlinhos de Jesus, Toninho Geraes, Leny Andrade, Marília Pêra, Zezé Motta and Bibi Ferreira, among others.

A concert that took us on a journey through some of the best Brazilian music, produced by Musica no Coração.


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