JP Coimbra presents his new album on the 16th, at Theatro Circo

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JP Coimbra is best known for being the mentor of one of the most successful pop projects in Portugal, the Mesa, as well as being a regular collaborator of the Três Tristes Tigres. However, in his first solo adventure, the entire pop universe is removed to access a new classicism combined with electronics.

VIBRA will be presented on January 16th at 7 pm in the Main Room of Theatro Circo in Braga. This will be the second presentation concert following the 17th of December at Casa da Música.

Tickets Here.

But what can we know about VIBRA? For JP Coimbra “it is mostly instrumental music made with extreme freedom, without thinking about formats or conditions. In the sense that it seeks in each track to build a coherent sound cake, full of references ranging from electronic to classical music.”

The central objective of VIBRA was to combine the plasticity of public spaces and their inherent acoustic characteristics, in the composition of musical pieces, creating authentic “sound portraits” of these places.

The project was recorded at Casa da Música do Porto, at the Marquês Metro Station, at the Serralves Foundation, on the underground river “Rio de Vila” below Rua Mouzinho da Silveira. The entire recording process was captured by the director Vasco Mendes and will be made available in documentary format.

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