JP Coimbra cancels presentation in Braga

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The concert of musician JP Coimbra this Saturday, January 16, in the Main Room of Theatro Circo in Braga, was canceled, with no new date yet announced.

This cancellation is due to the fact that a new general confinement, of mandatory collection, comes into effect at 00:00 on the 15th, and, once again, cultural spaces are forced to close.

For JP Coimbra “it seems evident to me that the reduction of contacts reduces the spread of the virus. In the theater there are no contacts, there is a whole structure of processes with proven evidence so far, which is perfectly safe, not only for the general as for the technical teams and the artists themselves.”

With regard to the closure of cultural spaces during this general confinement, the musician is of the opinion that “when closing theaters, cinemas, libraries, what is never talked about is prevented, but that is what makes Culture a nerve center of any society, its capacity to cause a collective catharsis, a dance show, a concert, a film, an exhibition, provoke in us a series of reactions – we cry, we laugh, we feel empathy, fear – that make us, in the end, a feeling of “cleanliness” of “clarity” approaches us that allows us to face situations like the one we have now – a pandemic – with another force. This what I am saying is not new, I did not invent it, it was said more than 2500 years ago by Aristotle.”

The musician even tells us that “Art, music, theater and other cultural events, contribute to psychological well-being and collective health and that was what, for example, during the 2nd world war, the different countries realized and the shows did not stopped, quite the opposite”.

JP Coimbra is best known for being the mentor of one of the most successful pop projects in Portugal, the Mesa, as well as a regular contributor to the Três Tristes Tigres. However, in his first solo adventure, the entire pop universe is removed to access a new classicism combined with electronics. VIBRA is the name of the album.

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