JP Coimbra presents his new album on November 22 in Porto

JP Coimbra presents us their latest album VIBRA, in a special concert on the 22nd of November. The venue will be Sala 2 of Casa da Música. The hour, 21:30. Special, because it will be Vibra’s first live performance.

Nothing better than JP Coimbra himself to explain the importance of this concert: “this is the first time that the album will be transposed to the live format. Not only will we run the 10 themes that integrate VIBRA, but in scenic terms we will recreate the environment visuals around the project. Pieces of the documentary Vasco Mendes is making on VIBRA will also be shown. The light and stage design will be the responsibility of Frederico Rompante. In addition to me on stage, at the Piano, synthesizers, programs and other sound objects will be a string quartet.”

But what can we know about VIBRA?. For JP Coimbra “VIBRA follows the ‘steps’ of From Afar (advance single released on September 25) in the sense that it is mostly instrumental music made with extreme freedom, without thinking about formats or conditions. In the sense that you look in each track to build a coherent sound cake, full of references ranging from electronic to classical music.”

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