JP Coimbra’s new album now available on digital platforms and in physical format

The central objective of VIBRA was to combine the plasticity of public spaces and their inherent acoustic characteristics, in the composition of musical pieces, creating authentic “sound portraits” of these places.

The project was recorded at Casa da Música do Porto, at the Marquês Metro Station, at the Serralves Foundation, on the underground river “Rio de Vila” below Rua Mouzinho da Silveira. The entire recording process was captured by director Vasco Mendes and will be made available in documentary format in early 2021.

VIBRA, can it be cataloged as Modern Classic? JP Coimbra does not completely reject this categorization “I think that all music is difficult to catalog. It is something completely abstract. More abstract than painting for example. In the case of this theme, it is not a song but it has a narrative, it does not have a voice but there are instruments that carry the melodies… And then, there are elements that I will look for in classical music, electronics and that I try to combine in a sound cake that is coherent.”

The lead single from VIBRA is From Afar, a theme that composer JP Coimbra tells us “came from the very introduction of the theme that was made with the silencer that the vertical pianos bring. This silencer has a felt that muffles the sound so we can play at home without disturbing the neighbors, but I really like that sound. I chose this single as the first sample of the album because it is representative of my idea of ​​adding several musical genres in one theme. It was from it that I realized that I had found a language and, that this language would allow me to build an entire record.”

VIBRA is now available on all digital platforms (exclusively for Portuguese territory) and also in physical format at specialized stores.

The musical universe of VIBRA will be presented on November 22 in Sala 2 of Casa da Música.

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