Júlio Pereira and the Cultural Association and Cavaquinho Museum present the CD “”

It has long been known and recognized the great passion and thorough research that Júlio Pereira has been dedicating to this very peculiar instrument that is the cavaquinho.

The Associação Cultural Museu Cavaquinho, founded by this musician and composer, launches the CD “”, the first collective album of originals by Cavaquinho and Braguinha players released in Portugal

Aware of the diversity of small hand-held chordophones practiced in Portugal, Associação Cultural Museu Cavaquinho decided to produce this collective CD of originals, launching a challenge to musicians who stand out in the execution of Madeiran braguinha and continental urban cavaquinho, in addition to the so-called “ Minho”. For the first time we can appreciate in the same work, a very complete timbral spectrum of small Portuguese hand tetrachords. Equally pioneering is the inclusion in this compilation of examples of the urban cavaquinho that became popular during the 19th century on the continent, and which now debuts with new compositions”.

The Associação Cultural Museu Cavaquinho was established in 2013 and aims to document, preserve and promote the history and practice of the cavaquinho. Promoting musicians and their work is an integral part of its mission.

The CD “” is the third record edition of Associação Cultural e Museu Cavaquinho. After “Cavaquinho Cantado” by Daniel Pereira Cristo (2017) which won the “Carlos Paredes” Prize and “O Cavaquinho do Amadeu” by Amadeu Magalhães (2015). At the same time, Júlio Pereira, President of ACMC, also recorded two albums entirely dedicated to this instrument: “” (2013) and “Praça do Comércio” (2017) where he received two awards: “Prémio SPA” and “Prémio José Afonso” .

Musicians: Júlio Pereira, Luis Peixoto, Pedro João/Palankalama, Carlos Baptista, Daniel Pereira Cristo, Roberto Moritz/Quarteto Moritz, Paulo Bastos, João Frazão, Renaldo Marques, Paulo Esteireiro, João Vila, Sérgio Mirra and Hélder Costa

Location of Musicians

  • District of Porto: Pedro João
  • District of Braga: Daniel Pereira Cristo, Renaldo Marques, Hélder Costa, Sérgio Mirra
  • District of Coimbra: Carlos Batista, João Vila, Paulo Bastos, Luís Peixoto
  • District of Funchal: Roberto Moritz, Paulo Esteireiro
  • District of Leiria: João Frazão
  • District of Lisbon: Júlio Pereira

Set list:

Impulso | Júlio Pereira
Açude | João Frazão
Dança da Toutinegra | Roberto Moritz e Quarteto Moritz
Re-Conexão | Renaldo Marques
Nácar |Carlos Batista
Pisga-te Flamingo | Pedro João e Palankalama
Noticiário das 9 | Daniel Pereira Cristo
Alexandra no Bosque Encuantado | Paulo Esteireiro
Hora do Recreio | João Vila
Madrugada a Dentro | Sérgio Mirra
Meu Violão Miudinho | Hélder Costa
Dança con Cordas | Paulo Bastos
Viriato | Luís Peixoto

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