Junior Music Festival 2022 takes place in Ponte de Sor from Aug 27 to Sept 04

FESTIVAL MÚSICA JÚNIOR offers more than 350 students from the best music schools in Portugal and abroad a memorable experience, integrating a choir, a big band, a youth orchestra or a symphony orchestra.

These young musicians aged between 8 and 21 will spend 9 days in intense musical activity, led by a group of 34 teachers and 3 conductors.

This is the biggest International Summer Internship, since 2012 it has proposed different musical horizons through the guests involved – Mário Laginha and Maria João, Pedro Santos, Carlos Moura, Sofia Escobar and Mário Augusto, Helder Moutinho and Rui Vieira Nery, Gilles Apap, Joshua dos Santos, Vasco Dantas Rocha, Jeffery Davis and Gabriela Canavilhas, Kyril Zlotnikov and António Victorino d’Almeida, Bárbara Barradas, Carlos Cardoso, Sissi Martins, Ruben Madureira, Fernando Alvim, and the themes presented “O Jazz”, “O Legado by Piazzola”, “O Humor”, “The Soundtracks of Hollywood”, “Fado – The Portuguese Legacy”, “The Folk and the Ethnic in the Erudite Universe”, “Music in the Americas”, “The Russian Genius”, “The Opera and the Musical Theater”.

To relax after the rehearsals, supervised by teachers and always safe, there will be numerous outdoor activities, traditional games, football championships, kayaks, paddle, mini-golf, tennis, swimming pool, among many others.

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