“Together for a better Internet!”

Microsoft and GNR mark Safer Internet Day with Minecraft awareness actions

Microsoft, the GNR – Guarda Nacional Republicana and the Consortium of the Internet Segura Center celebrate the month of Internet Segura throughout the month of February, with various actions to raise awareness among the school community.

Starting on February 8th, Safer Internet Day, the campaign for the correct use of technology among elementary and secondary school students marks the start of this year’s operation.

With the campaign motto “Together for a better Internet!”, the awareness sessions of this year’s edition use Minecraft, a game-based learning platform that promotes creativity, collaboration, problem-solving in an immersive and fun digital experience. This year’s content will have a game-based learning methodology to, in a playful and fun way, address safety in using the internet.

For Eduardo Antunes, Executive Director of the Public Sector at Microsoft Portugal,this initiative is of utmost importance even more in a context where there has been an increase in security breaches, cyberattacks or identity theft, in an increasingly digital world. . Alerting, raising awareness and training our school community is essential because it is through training, the correct use of technology and the application of good practices that many of the identified dangers are minimized, or even avoided.

In these awareness sessions, students will go deeper, through a game, on topics such as fake news, security, cyberbullying, protection and sharing of information on the internet. With experience in the implementation of activities related to science and technology, Visionarium developed the contents taught in these sessions, adapted to the different levels of basic and secondary education.

Major Mafalda Almeida, from the GNR – Guarda Nacional Republicana, states that “in the face of the persistent pandemic conjecture, the use of technologies in the school environment was crucial to allow for the continuity of non-face-to-face teaching, and it is in this special context that the GNR has invested heavily. part of its prevention and awareness-raising actions. Through the Criminal Prevention and Community Policing (SPC) Sections, the Guard reinforces its commitment to children, young people, guardians and educational agents.

Awareness sessions will be free of charge and will be administered by Microsoft and GNR volunteers. Elementary and secondary schools that want to request their Secure Internet 2022 session can send an email to and share the availability of timetable and respective teaching cycle. Since its inception, awareness-raising actions have already impacted more than 223,000 students and teachers in 1,250 schools, with the support of 1,400 volunteers.

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