Kampai, a Japanese restaurant inspired by the Azores in Marvila

After a decade at Calçada da Estrela, Restaurant Kampai has moved and now is hosted by chef Chakall’s El Bulo Social Club in Marvila

Inspired by the Azores, Kampai was born ten years ago to celebrate the richness of the archipelago’s waters, combining Japanese cuisine with national ingredients.

The tradition of traditional Japanese cuisine now joins the flavors of Latin America, Italy and Portugal. We share the same way of looking at the kitchen with chef Chakall, with whom we already have a long relationship of friendship “, says João Pereira, agronomist and co-author of the concept.

João Pereira, João Soeiro, Chakall

Kampai means celebration and, by the hand of chef João Soeiro, co-author of the concept together with agronomist João Pereira, and the menu features fish such as lily, tuna, snapper, enchareú or squid.

The Azores are also on the menu with tea, drinks based on pineapple and passion fruit, which grow in the archipelago, and ice cream with the best Azorean milk.

João Soeiro, with 16 years of experience, the disciple of master Takashi Yoshitake, in the former Aya, chef and co-author of Kampai, promises a letter faithful to the best Japanese tradition, now enhanced by a multicultural space.

The whole world fits into El Bulo Social Club and Kampai’s cuisine couldn’t have been a better host. There will certainly be space for us to cross ideas and collaborations”, says the chef.

The menu is super varied, including hot and cold starters, hot dishes, sashimi, chirashi, sushi, temaki, makimono, desserts and much more.

You can find dishes like kaky fesh, aji tataki, tai kimuchi, usuzukuri hamachi, tai arai, sushi and sashimi, among others.

For dessert there is, for example, a passion fruit tart from the Azores, kasutera, maccha ice to azuki and chocolate cake.

The restaurant will be open for dinner during the week and on Saturdays and Sundays during lunch.

The restaurant is traditional Japanese and the inspiration comes from the Atlantic and the best that the sea gives us.

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