Karetus postpone concert at Coliseu dos Recreios to 2023

Initially scheduled for February 19, 2022 at Coliseu dos Recreios, the concert celebrating a decade of the group’s existence is now postponed to February 18, 2023.

Since the ideal conditions to celebrate the Karetus carnival as it should be celebrated are not met, the duo André Reis and Carlos Silva decided to move this celebration to the next year, with the guarantee that those who attend will take off with the duo on a historic celebration trip.

Passionate about electronic music, Karetus have always wanted to make their own contribution to music, expanding frontiers without regard to styles or rhythms. As creators of shows, which they turn into unforgettable experiences, they have a vibrant legion of fans whenever they perform live.

Karetus enter 2022 with their foot on the pedal, as they have always had throughout their career, announcing that they will release a new single in the weeks ahead. Tickets already purchased for the show remain valid for the new 2023 dates, and in case of a return, it is necessary to contact the point of sale.

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