Karma is not a fest postpones last date to September 27 due to the weather

S. Pedro has Carma inside out and suggests in the weather forecasts a lot of rain, which is needed here, and we accept and thank him. But it makes it impossible to perform the last day of Karma is not a fest scheduled for tomorrow, the 17th.

If we want to continue this outdoor program in Mata do Fontelo, which is the motto of the entire event, we can only postpone the schedule of the last day of Karma is not a fest until the 27th of September.

Karma and its online presence are extended on the website, where content about Mata do Fontelo and the creations of Karma is not a fest will continue to be available.

The schedule remains for the 27th of September, always with mandatory reservation through

September 27

  • 6:30 pm
    Tales and Lenga Legends
  • 9:30 pm
    Samuel Martins Coelho
    HHY & The Macumbas
    € 6.50
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