‘Karma is not a fest’ starts on August 27

Carmo ́81 as a cultural cooperative, aims to develop and dynamize the cultural ecosystem of Viseu and intends to continue this mission despite the exceptional situation we live in.

The regular program since August 2015, in the heart of the city’s historic center, has brought us closer to the growing local and national cultural production, and among the artistic multidisciplinarity we seek to work on, it is in music that our karma works.

In 2020 Karma takes us to the centenary Mata do Fontelo in Viseu, in the first production exclusively outside the doors of Carmo´81 and in its own name. It will be more than an extension of Carmo´81 programming in that location, it will be a new process of content creation, it will be the exploration of unique and idyllic scenarios, it will be our collaboration with the cultural sector that is our Karma.


Karma explores the centenary places of Mata do Fontelo and, as if it were Karma, calls on us to create our stories on the 27th of August, 3rd, 10th and 17th of September.

The strategy is multidisciplinary, focused on exploring the sounds, stories, landscapes and music in Mata do Fontelo through 11 concerts, 1 cine-concert, 4 artistic creations, 4 conversations and 4 walks, between on-site events and content available exclusively online.

The need and duty to reduce the capacity of the venues used for the event promote the desire to create and share with our audience the contents that we will always produce continuously.

We propose an event tailored to reality: safe and carried out by professionals available to provide all information and enforce fundamental behaviors such as hand disinfection, physical distance, wearing a mask, respect for marked paths and places, in order to provide the public, artists and equips all safety conditions.

We had planned for 2020 an eclectic program, comprehensive and full of presentations from various community projects. A festival was planned to take place in June for 4 consecutive days.

Karma was ungrateful and forced us to postpone all festival plans. But it soon gave us the possibility to reschedule and reschedule the initiative, forgetting the characteristics of a festival. We now propose a regular programming event over a month in Mata do Fontelo and on the Carmo´81 website.

With proposals between local production and national artists that inspire us, we try to collaborate to decentralize the cultural offer, fulfill our duty to the public and various artists and cultural actors.

Karma Is Not A Fest enjoys the support of the Municipality of Viseu, in the form of financing in the context of the support program “Viseu Cultura”.

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