Karmafly’s new video “Promise” is now available

“Promise” is the 2nd single and video from Karmafly’s BLANKET album.

It leads us to a commitment as simple as that of holding on, happy and strong in the choices of the trajectory of Life. The theme was written at a turning point and today we are again faced with similar challenges.

Karmafly, a band from Porto, was born from the combination of various musical and cultural influences based on Soul Hip-Hop, and R’n’B.

Soraia stands out with her tone of voice, which both surprises with energy and emotion as well as softness and delicacy.

João brings the hip-hop aspect to the project due to his scratches and samples, being a DJ is a human database of musical influences and “good wave”.

Ricardo brings the acoustic and more traditional part, musically speaking, with guitars, basses and synthesizers.

Three personalities and ways of seeing and feeling the music result in a diversity and remarkable sound fusion between acoustic instruments, synths, samples and Scratch.

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