Kaspersky strengthens Digital Footprint Intelligence with a service to eliminate malicious domains

Kaspersky Takedown Service” provides A to Z management of the entire process of eliminating malicious and phishing domains. Together with Kaspersky Digital Footprint, which helps analysts explore the adversary’s view of your company’s resources, it enables organizations to effectively respond to malicious sources or phishing threats targeting your organization and their customers.

Every week, Google detects around 46,000 new malicious websites, and every day Kaspersky blocks over 15,000 URL scams and phishing. If a company fails to eliminate adversarial content, its customers could fall victim to spoofed websites and provide attackers with access to their personal and financial information. Companies can also face serious data leaks caused by botnets controlled by the cybercriminals’ command and control (C&C) servers. All of this can lead to brand damage, as well as a loss of revenue and customer trust.

However, managing the elimination of malicious and phishing domains is a complex process that requires expertise, resources and time. Due to Kaspersky’s extensive experience in threat research and long-term cooperation with international organizations and law enforcement organizations, including INTERPOL and Europol, as well as Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), Kaspersky Takedown Service ensures the effective protection of online services and company reputation.

Due to its global coverage, regardless of the location of the malicious phishing domain, the service can quickly eliminate it. To do this, Kaspersky prepares all necessary evidence, including a copy of the website, screenshots and traffic-associated garbage, either manually or through automated tools; then sends the deletion request to the local or regional authority that has the legal authority to close the appeal. The customer is notified of each step of the process until the requested domain is successfully removed.

The service can be purchased standalone or as part of a Digital Footprint Intelligence (DFI) subscription. In the first case, customers can submit requests to capture certain undesirable domains they have discovered through the Kaspersky Company Account, and in the second, the DFI service assumes the identification of malicious or phishing resources that attack the customer. The customer receives a notification that harmful content has been identified, and after that, they can start the threat elimination process. The standard package includes ten takedowns per month and can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

Kaspersky Digital Footprint Intelligence, powered by the Takedown Service, is an important addition to our Threat Intelligence portfolio. Like Kaspersky’s other IT products, this service combines our experience to meet real customer needs and reduce the burden of their cybersecurity departments, allowing in-house experts to focus on higher-priority objectives,” comments Vladimir Kuskov, Head of Threat Exploration at Kaspersky.

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