Kastelo wins #Natal without Monchique Water Labels

  • Kastelo receives preference from internet users and receives donations of €5000
  • Associação Salvador, Legião da Boa Vontade and Corações com Coroa receive €1000

The association NOMEIODONADA – Kastelo was the big winner of the #Natal sem Rótulos (Christmas without Labels) campaign, gathering 45.7% of the votes from Monchique Lovers.

As stipulated in the challenge regulations, O Kastelo will receive a donation of €5000. Associação Salvador, Legião da Boa Vontade and Corações com Coroa, which were also in this #Sem Rótulos vote, will be awarded a donation of €1000.

Following the motto of the campaign that marked 2023 – For a World without Labels -, Água Monchique launched the #Christmas without Labels challenge and invited Monchique Lovers to help four social solidarity institutions – Kastelo, Associação Salvador, Corações com Coroa and Legião da Boa Vontade– receiving a donation. Voting took place until January 8th, at and the association O Kastelo were the one that collected the most votes from internet users.

Água Monchique leaves a word of thanks to everyone who accepted this invitation and voted for their favorite institution and to the four participating entities – Kastelo, Associação Salvador, Corações com Coroa and Legião da Boa Vontade“not only for their presence in this #Christmas Without Labels but above all for the fundamental role they play in society, among those who need it most. Thank you for continuing to inspire! To Kastelo, congratulations on the victory!”

The NOMEIODONADA Association – O Kastelo – aims to provide support services of a moral and material nature to people and groups who need them, namely parents and family members with experience in Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care, promoting a bio-psycho-social balance and family, pursuing their well-being through solidarity and help that the association will develop and continue.

About Sociedade da Água de Monchique

Sociedade da Água de Monchique SA (SAM) operates the public concession of Monchique mineral water, which is distinguished by its uniqueness and its high natural pH of 9.5. This special composition gives it unique characteristics that, due to the benefits it provides, contribute to the well-being and balance of the body. Product of the Year – Innovation Awarded by Consumers in 2021 and 2022, Água Monchique was distinguished by the Monde Selection de La Qualité with one “Great Gold”, two “Gold” and three golden stars by the International Taste Institute. In 2022 and 2023, it renewed its certification as a PME Leader and was included for the first time in the ranking of the 1000 Biggest and Best SMEs operating in Portugal. Still, in 2023, it achieved the status of PME Excellence.

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