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Katia Guerreiro presented her ‘Mistura’

Teatro Tivoli BBVA

A very emotional concert, on the day that the fado singer, who was born in South Africa, celebrated her birthday, turning 47, and presented her new work ‘Mistura’, there was much applause, friends and fans who wanted to with her, celebrate and vibrate, in a fado night where Katia let a tear of joy escape several times.

She was joined on stage by Luís Guerreiro and Pedro de Castro on the Portuguese guitar, André Ramos on the fado viola, and Francisco Gaspar on the bass, joined by 3 guests, João Veiga on the viola, Rui Veloso and Tiago Bettencourt, who is also a by the album’s producers, with Pedro de Castro and the late José Mário Branco.

Katia Guerreiro > Teatro Tivoli BBVA ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews > 2023.02.23

A superb concert, where the fado singer conquered the audience that filled the Tivoli from the first chord, with fantastic light, very well crafted by António Martins, which gave more color to Katia Guerreiro’s fados.

There were many memorable moments in this great night of fado, from the celebration of its birthday, a short interview with Tiago Bettencourt, and the dedication to Feliciano da Silva, a popular poet aged 93, who was present at the concert and who is the author of the lyrics of ‘Santo António na Aldeia’.

Katia Guerreiro > Teatro Tivoli BBVA ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews > 2023.02.23

Katia Guerreiro did not forget to thank the many who helped her, musicians, technicians, parents, Inha Castanho for her dedication, and left a special dedication to her husband Jorge Faustino for his support, but also to the public that always supported her, we also point out the presence in the public of two great voices of fado João Braga and Mariza.

The last surprise to take the stage, already at the encore, was Rui Veloso, who accompanied the fado singer on the theme that gives the album its name ‘Mistura‘, which was followed by two fados ‘Rosa Vermelha‘ and ‘Amor de Mel Amor de Felwhich closed a fantastic night by one of the best Portuguese voices of our time.


Concert setlist:

Vida de Fado
Esqueci-me da alegria
Quem diria
Fora de cena
Fado Pessoa
Cais da Saudade
Lisboa perdeu a voz
Tempo de viver
Espelho Teu
Que passo queres dar – with the participation of Tiago Bettencourt
Asas – with the participation of João Veiga
Pranto – with the participation of João Veiga
Mouraria – with the participation of João Veiga
Santo António na Aldeia – with the participation of João Veiga
Mistura – with the participation of Rui Veloso and João Veiga
Rosa Vermelha – with the participation of João Veiga
Amor de Mel Amor de Fel – with the participation of João Veiga

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