KCS IT and CPR start program to train and employ refugees

  • Optimization of software development services, training on digital skills, and integration of refugees into technology teams will be the actions to be carried out from March onwards;
  • Mobilizing entities is the great mission behind this project, effectively responding to the current global refugee crisis.

KCS IT and the Portuguese Refugee Council (CPR) joined synergies to empower refugees, through a program that aims to develop digital skills and create opportunities for those seeking protection in Portugal.

At the same time, the Social Responsibility initiatives put into practice aim to sensitize company employees and civil society itself to the challenges posed to these populations, who flee conflicts, persecution, and human rights violations.

Through the development of software using an e-learning platform, the Refª. PT/2020/FAMI/526“e-CPR: proximity – knowledge – practices” (funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund – FAMI) will be implemented using Javascript; training on digital skills aimed at unaccompanied children and the analysis of curricula corresponding to refugees with the possibility of integrating them into technology teams are some of the actions scheduled for 2023. In March, the process begins with a class of 16 refugees.

According to Alexandra Carvalho, CPR Project Coordinator “this partnership with KCS IT will be fundamental to improve the lives of applicants for international protection and unaccompanied minors supported by the CPR, by increasing their inclusion in Portugal by increasing their skills and consequent professional insertion. At the same time, it will be a good opportunity to make companies aware of the issue of asylum and refugees, promoting a business culture that supports the integration of refugees in Portugal.”

In addition to the main objective of providing digital and personal skills to refugees, there is also that of mobilizing Portuguese civil society to respond effectively to current challenges, in particular, seeking to raise awareness among company employees of the different areas of social responsibility and in what ways these can collaborate.

“With this cooperation, we hope to accelerate and enhance the process of integrating refugees into our community, bringing our technological know-how as the main tool for this partnership”, says Jorge Vara, Director of the Consulting Services Business Division at KCS IT. “Helping to train refugees and adding value to their reception is for us a fundamental axis of our company’s commitment to society”, he concludes.

Organizations must, within what is possible for them, manage to generate value in their business, but also take a position of concern for the future. If companies are made of and for people, it is necessary to ensure that they actively participate in society, promoting change towards an ever better world.

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