KCS IT opens office in the Azores

In November KCS iT opened an office in the Azores from which it will develop technology for the domestic market and nearshore projects. The bet came from a local challenge and already has the development of a digital transformation solution.

KCS iT inaugurated, on November 11, 2019, an office at Terceira Tech Island competence centre, located in Praia da Vitória, Terceira Island, where it will develop technology for the national and international market in the nearshore regime. The office is seen as a future opportunity by KCS iT and aims to boost the consolidation of this location, by the arrival of new players and local culture of support and encouragement for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Terceira Tech Island project brought dynamism to the island and more specifically to the Praia da Vitória region, as only Lajes Air Base had done before. A career retraining for technology is being held on the island, targeting the unemployed and young people entering the labour market.

So far, eight people have been hired for the KCS iT office, seven of them graduated from the Island Academy by Code Academy, the third-party developer of Tech Island. There are intentions to grow this team on a sustained basis, as the needs arise and the quality of the talent identified.

To Tiago Farinha, Managing Director of KCS iT, “Third Tech Island has several financial advantages for companies, but what attracted us most about the project was the critical mass. Before moving on we conducted an analysis of the talent to be formed on the island and found its quality. Putting all these factors together, everything aligned for the HIQ group to open an office in Praia da Vitória. This project makes perfect sense to us because of KCS iT’s the path of sustained growth through a differentiation strategy that leverages the expertise of our consultants and the original solutions we have developed to deliver innovative answers to our clients.

KCS iT team in the Azores is currently developing a digital transformation platform with Artificial Intelligence applied to the Financial area.

The growth of the consultant in the domestic market is part of a 2020 plan that sets objectives to broaden the existing network of clients, enhance its presence in international markets, identify new demographic segments and sectors, as well as invest in partnerships.

In addition to investing in the country and offering differentiating projects as a strategy of affirmation in the market, KCS iT’s objective this year is to focus on growth in new areas, namely Marketing and Digital Communication, Business Intelligence, Nearshore Services, Development. Solutions, Data Science & Analytics and Project Management | PMO.

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