Keller Williams Launches Digital Consultant to Overcome Covid-19’s Impact

Keller Williams, a global training and technology company specializing in Real Estate, in a quick reaction to the impact of Covid-19 on the real estate market, launches the Digital Consultant.

A structured approach supported by technology, training and marketing, which is enhanced by developments in the North American market over the past 4 years and which allows the digital proximity of Real Estate Consultants to their clients in the Portuguese real estate market.

For Nuno Ascensão and Eduardo Garcia e Costa, leaders of Keller Williams “the Digital Consultant is a structured approach (supported by technology, training and marketing) that we will provide to our Consultants and that will allow them to be the best prepared in the market in this context of social distance, that is, we will digitize the steps from the first contact until the closing of the deal.

At this moment, it is already possible to make referrals, visits and virtual open houses and we have an intense training plan in place as well as a differentiating marketing approach. We are a company focused on Consultants so we would never design a technological solution to replace them nor could we leave them alone to adapt to this new reality. The Digital Consultant is the way to keep the Consultant at the center of the real estate transaction. It is the winning concept in the present and future of this market ”

“Over the next few weeks, we will have an intense training program to train our more than 1700 consultants and we will progressively add more digital proximity services” add the KW leaders in Portugal.

The imperative of social distance that will affect Portugal during the coming times has accelerated the adoption of the entire digital model by KW in Portugal, which has been under development for over 4 years in the United States. Since the state of emergency was declared, the company has been testing virtual working prototypes for two weeks to offer its employees new work tools.

In this sense, Keller Williams, together with its 26 Market Centers, have developed tools to organize non-physical properties as well as visits and virtual open houses to the properties.

For the leaders of KW in Portugal, “technological solutions are essential to maximize the digitalization of the service from the first contact until the conclusion of the business, as well as the intense training plan for the teams of consultants and our Market Centers. This is the way for our Consultants to return to “normalcy” and to be able to quickly reach the same levels of productivity that they had before the COVID-19 crisis ”.

All of this is possible because, Keller Williams has been preparing for the past four years to base its business model on an essentially digital platform and has been developing the concepts of Digital Consumer, Digital Consultant and Digital Market Center with a global investment more than one billion dollars worldwide.

“Despite the Covid-19 crisis, the real estate market is not at a standstill, but is ‘asleep’ because of the imperative of social distance. Customers who want to buy or sell are on the lookout without knowing what to do. This is a consequence of the current perspective of customers that the process of buying and selling a home requires a high number of personal contacts with all the people involved in the process, and this is becoming an inhibiting factor on their part. KW Consultants will be the best prepared in the market to continue to add value to the buying and selling process of customers by maximizing their service – from the first contact until the conclusion of the deal – to ensure a minimum of personal interactions between all those involved in the buying and selling process ”, also refer the leaders of Keller Williams.


Launched in Portugal in September 2014, Keller Williams aims to reach 50 Market Centers by the end of 2023, where 10,000 real estate consultants will develop their careers. Keller Williams is the largest real estate mediation franchise in the world in number of Consultants, with more than 1,000 Market Centers and 180,000 Associates.

Founded in 1983, Keller Williams cultivates a culture centered on Consultants, driven by technology and based on education, which rewards Consultants as stakeholders. In 2018, KW began its evolution process to assert itself as a technological company, through the construction of the real estate platform preferred by the Consultants’ clients.

In Portugal, KW is betting on repositioning itself as a technological company, similar to what it is today and the company is implementing in the North American market.

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