Keller Williams provides free training to the entire real estate sector

Keller Williams, the largest Global Training and Technology Company operating in the real estate sector, will provide free training to the entire real estate sector.

Taking into account the current moments, it is urgent to think about an alternative to change, be it the way of being in life, or the modus operandi at work. Because, the way everything was done until the entrance of COVID-19 in the country, and in the world, leads each company to test its limits and change the way it operates.

“There is a set of actions, which in the KW language we call integrity, which translates into doing what is right. In this way, we are driven to take a set of measures to support the real estate sector. As a global leader in training and technology, we feel the responsibility to build positively for the future of Portugal’s mediation ”, says Nuno Ascensão, CEO of KW.

Free SHIFT book available

KW will make available the book SHIFT, a guide for survival in changing markets, where it is possible to find models of performance for the real estate market that help and support consultants in the change.

This Book, written by Keller Williams founder Gary Keller, was originally published in August 2008 and shows how a consultant can have positive results in a time of crisis, if he does not let himself “shake”. Throughout the chapters, the actuality of the Book is visible, as the author says “As bleak as the scenario seems during a change, when I look back, I think that the changes served as a starting point for the person I became and were catalysts of everything I managed to achieve. In fact, I ended up seeing them as opportunities. And you can do the same. – SHIFTS HAPPEN. ”

Real estate consultants can find from strategies on how to act according to the behavior of clients and the market, to the rules that the consultant must take into account, to the development of skills to act before SHIFT, these and other notions are passed on in a clear and simple way , allowing each one to review how to face this new reality.

In order to have access to the Book “SHIFT”, by Gary Keller, for free, just send an email to with your data so that it can be sent digitally.

Open Sessions through KW Portugal’s Facebook page

In addition to making the Book available, KW will organize sessions open to the sector by simply registering for the event chosen on the company’s Facebook page ( via private message.

Available program:

March 24 at 5 pm: Exclusive Live Session with International Speaker Sarita Dua on how to adapt to future times.

Sarita Dua – Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, has been selling real estate for fourteen years at KW. Manage a small team, focused on great results. It has an innovative approach in the sale of real estate, working in an exemplary way to its database. This year, Dua was named exclusive broker for Ritz Carlton residences in Portland, Oregon (estimated completion in early 2023). In addition, he is a speaker, instructor and coach in the sector.


March 25 at 3:00 pm: Culture, The glue that unites us, with Speaker José Bernardo

Culture is much more than a set of rules that dictates how we should behave, culture is what allows us in times of adversity to keep our focus on what is important: people and then business.

March 26 at 5 pm: Standford Case Study, with Nuno Ascensão

The University of Standford, USA, uses the KW Case study in its courses as a company with an innovative model.

Presented the growth and development model of Keller Williams, in the real estate market, taking into account the various adversities along its path; How the company’s business was sustained, taking an approach to economies of scale; Creation of KW’s mission and values, which are applied until today; Leadership advice for a good business model.

More sessions will be scheduled and communicated on the KW Facebook page.

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