Kicks off the 4th edition of the Allianz World Run

Solidarity event organized by the Allianz Group at international level will run for 90 days, until next August 11
The kilometers traveled will be used to support projects of SOS Children’s Villages

The fourth edition of the Allianz World Run, the international solidarity race that will take place in the next 90 days, from May 13 to August 11, will kick off this week with the aim of inspiring the practice of physical activity.

Divided by teams, all Allianz employees are challenged to run or walk the miles they will support SOS Children’s Village projects in countries like Chad, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Ukraine.

To finance the projects in the five countries, employees will have to cover 1,500,000 kilometers.

The three winning teams will be the ones that travel the longest distance, have the largest number of people registered and the longest distance traveled per employee. In addition, as a novelty in this edition, employees enrolled in any of the Allianz World Run teams can invite up to five people – friends, family, mediators, clients, etc. – to join their teams.

To promote future generations and ensure their safety and equal rights to opportunities, Allianz has established a long-term partnership with SOS Children’s Villages since 2015. Children today are the future of tomorrow.

Challenges in various sports

For the first time in the history of the Allianz World Run, individual challenges will be created, not only for racing but also for other sports: cycling, yoga, swimming, football, and fitness. It is a way to encourage participation, including other types of sport for Contributors who are not racing lovers.

Partnership with Runtastic

Allianz World Run athletes will count the kilometers traveled through Runtastic, an APP of Adidas, with whom Allianz has established a three-year partnership. One of the top digital fitness platforms, Runtastic offers programs that motivate people to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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