Kid’s Guernica promotes peace and equality

The international project Kid’s Guernica returns this school year to public schools in the municipality of Setúbal to paint canvases inspired by the theme “Equality”.

The artistic program, aimed at students from the 2nd and 3rd cycles of basic and secondary education, aims to promote reflection on peace and remind that war is still a reality that urgently needs to be eradicated from the world.

Kid’s Guernica, centered, in this eighth edition, on the theme “Equality”, challenges young people from various countries to collectively create a canvas with the dimensions of the emblematic painting by Picasso, “Guernica”, measuring 7.8 meters by 3.5 meters.

Schools that intend to join the project must register by November 12th here.

The work must be done on its own sheet, which will be made available by AMRS – Association of Municipalities of the Region of Setúbal, promoter of the project in the eleven municipalities that comprise it, and must be accompanied by a photographic and descriptive memory, in digital support, about the design process. AMRS also provides a kit with painting material for each participating class.

The works must be delivered by April 1, 2022. Next, the works that will serve as the basis for painting a canvas are selected, in an initiative to take place between May 8 and 22.

Kid’s Guernica is an international project, started in 1995 by the American art history professor Tom Anderson, at the invitation of the president of the Art’Japan Network Association, Yasuda Tadasi, which Japan continued to mark the anniversary of the end of World War II.

At the district level, it has been held since 2005, in an AMRS organization in partnership with the municipalities.

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