‘Kikas’ and Vasco Ribeiro continue to the quarterfinals in Santa Cruz

Portugal’s Frederico Morais and Vasco Ribeiro qualified for the quarterfinals of the Pro Santa Cruz, a test of the world surfing qualification circuit (QS) when they beat their respective batteries.

In the second heat of the sixth round, Vasco Ribeiro, ranked 42nd in the QS ranking, totalled 15.67 points, leading to the best of the Moroccan Ramzi Boukhiam, who also moved on to the next round, amassing 11.06, the Brazilian Krystian Kymerson (9.70) and the Frenchman Paul Cesar Distinguin (7.33).

‘Kikas’ was the last to compete today, but also won the 13.10-point round with Frenchman Thomas Debierre (10.50), who finished second in the standings, both beating Brazilians Rafael Teixeira (10.30) and Bino Lopes (9.93), which were eliminated.

With the next call scheduled for Saturday at 09:30, Vasco Ribeiro has a duel with Brazilian Luel Filipe, while ‘Kikas’ will face Frenchman Mignot.

If they go ahead, the two Portuguese can only meet in the final of the event, which takes place in Santa Cruz.

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