Kikas lost to South African Jordy Smith in Margaret River

Frederico Morais said goodbye to the world circuit today after losing in round 3 of the Western Australia Margaret River Pro, the 5th stage of the Championship Tour taking place in Margaret River, Australia.

In a very tight heat that had several alternations in the lead, Kikas was eliminated by the South African, Jordy Smith, who scored 13.77 points against the 12.83 of the Portuguese surfer who finished the race in 17th place.

In this way, he was unable to achieve his objective of finishing this stage within the top 22 in order to guarantee his continuity in the 1st division of world surfing.

Kikas is thus relegated to the Challenger Series circuit to try to requalify and be back on the Championship Tour in 2025. Therefore, Portugal will be represented by five surfers in the Challenger Series: Frederico Morais, Guilherme Ribeiro, Teresa Bonvalot, Yolanda Hopkins and Francisca Veselko.

The 1st stage takes place from April 27th to May 4th, on the Gold Coast, Australia.

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