Killology, by Palco13, at Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite

Diogo Mesquita, Luís Lobão, and Romeu Vala embody Killology, a text by Gary Owen, which problematizes the influence of violent video games in today’s society. The staging is by Gonçalo Carvalho and the show will be on stage at TMJB on the 12th, 13th, and 14th of November.

A lucid reflection on the impact of videogames on current societies, the show raises questions about the trail of destruction they leave, addressing the morality of the game, the imposition of barriers and borders in the creation of this type of content, the lack of legislation on them, free access to games of this type for children of all ages. What is the responsibility of a violent game creator when someone is brutally beaten in real life in a way identical to that represented in a game? Have the creator’s values ​​been misrepresented by an industry worth 136 billion euros and still growing? What is the responsibility of the absent father who never realized his son was being bullied and that video games determined his growth? Are the mass shootings, so frequent in the United States, very far from the universe of these games? Killology is a game where the player earns points for originality in the torture and death of an individual.

Gary Owen is a Welsh playwright. Distinguished in 2003 with the Meyer-Whitworth Award for Contemporary Theater Text with Shadow of a Boy, her plays have been performed with great success in the UK (including the Edinburgh Festival), Germany, Canada, Australia and in several other countries. The actor and director Gonçalo Carvalho worked with Carlos Avilez, Maria João Luís, Fernando Gomes, Jorge Silva Melo, Marco Medeiros, among others. He has staged The Author, by Tim Crouch, Purified, by Sarah Kane, Realism, by Anthony Neilson, Variations on the Kraepelin Model, by Davide Carnevali, in co-production with Artists Unidos, and Shopping and Fucking, by Mark Ravenhill.

Killology (Experimental Room, November 12, 13 and 14, 2021)

Text by Gary Owen
Staging by Gonçalo Carvalho
Translation José Vala Roberto
Directing assistance David Ferreira
Interpretation Diogo Mesquita, Luís Lobão, Romeu Vala
Original soundtrack Gonçalo Carvalho
Light design Gonçalo Carvalho
Costumes Rita Tristão da Silva
Photography and graphics Alfredo Matos
Technical operation Rodrigo Garcia

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