‘King Lear’ recounted in novel reaches 18 bookstores

The novel re-creation of William Shakespeare’s ‘The King Lear’ by the English author Edward St Aubyn arrives in bookstores on January 18 under the title ‘Dunbar and His Daughters’, edited by Bertrand.

This is Bertrand’s latest novel as part of the collection of recreations by the English playwright, by contemporary writers.

The series, which has been published in more than 30 countries, is entitled Bertrand Shakespeare and is a project initiated by Hogarth, an English publishing house, which challenged current writers to re-create Shakespeare’s novels.

‘Dunbar and his daughters’ chronicles the saga of the once-powerful leader of a strong global communications group, Henry Dunbar, who has grown old and has handed over control of the company to his two older daughters, Abby and Megan.

His relationship with his daughters has deteriorated to such an extent that he now doubts past decisions.

Enclosed in a sophisticated home of rural England, with only an alcoholic and half-hearted company as its companion, Dunbar decides to flee.

As he escapes the hills, the family is in pursuit, and the question that arises is who will find him first, whether Florence, the youngest daughter, or Abby and Megan, the spoiled and cruel daughters of Dunbar, insatiable behind his money.

According to the publisher, in this adaptation of ‘The King Lear’, Edward St Aubyn – considered one of the best writers of his generation by The Times – “accurately and sublimely dissects the agonies of family life in critically modern times”.

The publication of this book follows that of ‘Witch’s Seed’, the recreation of ‘The Storm’ by Canadian writer Margaret Atwood in February 2018.

Prior to that, Bertrand edited ‘Nibble’ by Jo Nesbo, ‘The Tired Fairest’ recounted by Anne Tyler (‘Bitter as Vinegar’), ‘Othello’, recreated by Tracy Chevalier (‘The New Student’), of Venice ‘adapted by Howard Jacobson (‘ Shylock is my name ‘) and’ The Winter Tale ‘recounted by Jeanette Winterson (‘ The Time Lapse ‘), the first in the collection, published in September 2016.

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