‘Kings’ and ‘princesses’ for one day. APPACDM users report book

It’s called ‘A day like the others’ and may be the perfect Christmas present.

It is a book, but carries, on each page, stories of love, sharing, simplicity and joy. They are smiles, expressions and looks of real people; of 38 users of the APPACDM Lisbon photographed.

It is called ‘A day like the others’ and it is the result of a challenge launched by Susana Bravo, from METROSTUDIO, to APPACDM.

The idea, according to the statement sent to the Newsroom, “arose from the need to do a different production with different young people and, at the same time, provide a unique and inclusive experience.”

For that, the young people were ‘kings’ and ‘princesses’ for one day. That is, they were groomed, combed and dressed by professionals associated with fashion, photography and image. They were, at times, true models. And, in a way, in everyday life, they are also models in their own way; examples of forms of struggle and small daily conquests.

This book, which can be a perfect Christmas present, is a hymn to the beauty of people, because, metaphorically, ‘when the sun rises it is for everyone’.

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