Kitch raises 3.25 million euros to help restaurants in the digital transition

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Kitch, a Portuguese technological startup whose mission is to help restaurants go digital without giving up their independence, today announces a round of Seed financing in the amount of 3.25 million euros.

The financing is led by Atlantic Food Labs, with the participation of Market One Capital, as well as the initial investors, Seedcamp and Mustard Seed MAZE. With this financing round, Kitch is also presenting its repositioning to the market as a technology brand for catering, with the main mission of helping independent restaurants in the transition to digital.

Kitch’s technology allows restaurants to have greater autonomy and greater control, and to retain their independence in the online sales business.

Kitch was launched a year ago, in March 2020, at a time when the pandemic forced Portugal to enter a state of emergency. The initial objective was to bring people’s food to the city’s favorite restaurants, which until then had been largely absent from delivery. The startup created the technology that allowed these restaurants to take greater advantage of their deliveries, and launched two virtual kitchen hubs in Lisbon so that these restaurants could develop concepts designed for delivery.

With the worsening of the pandemic and the lack of resources for restaurants to manage take-away and delivery orders, Kitch repositioned itself and embraced the mission of helping restaurants in this digital transition, making their technology available to all customers. restaurants looking to have more control over their digital sales.

Kitch’s mission is to allow restaurants to sell their dishes online under their conditions, and retain their independence in the digital space,” explains Rui Bento, co-founder and CEO of Kitch. “With the pandemic, delivery became even more in demand, and restaurants made a huge effort to adapt, which made the challenges even more evident: high costs, operational complexity, and loss of control. We feel that Kitch could make a difference, and we are committed to making available and continuing to develop the tools that allow restaurants to regain control and maintain their independence in the digital business,” says Rui Bento.

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