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Beatriz, A Infeliz: debuts this Thursday at the Centro Cultural da Malaposta.

The Malaposta Cultural Center will premier the theater “Beatriz, A Infeliz” on March 12th and will be on stage until 15th.

This is the story of Beatriz, a young and beautiful woman, given in marriage to Bartolo, a wealthy landlord, thirty years older, a man more focused on business and travel than on agriculture or love.

These gave him great pleasure, pulling him out of the monotony of farming and married life, marked by a great difference in ardor.

For this reason, he often left, leaving his young wife very well guarded by Generosa, an old housekeeper, and by Cândido, a young servant, in whom he had the greatest confidence.

One day, Bartolo is told that he must leave immediately to close a highly profitable deal.

Therefore, he leaves precipitously, leaving, as usual, Beatriz in the custody of Generosa and Cândido. And this is where the story begins.

The show will start at 9 pm from Thursday to Saturday and on Sunday the session will start at 4 pm, in the Experimental Room of CC Malaposta, lasting 70 minutes.

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