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Kristian Blummenfelt wins the triathlon World Cup Lisbon event

Kristian Blummenfelt wins gold at the Lisbon World Cup in a triathlon, in a race where the best Portuguese was Ricardo Batista in 12th position.

In the final moments of the race, the Norwegian managed to isolate himself by finishing the race in 1: 42.32 hours, Olympic distance race 1,500 meters of swimming, 40 kilometres of cycling, and 10 kilometres of athletics.

The silver medal went to the Swiss Max Studer, at 8 seconds, the bronze medal went to the Spaniard Genis Grau, 22 seconds from the winner.

O melhor português foi Ricardo Batista, um jovem de 20 anos, que terminou na 12.ª posição, a 1.11 minutos de Kristian Blummenfelt.

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