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Kumpania Algazarra fill B.Leza with joy to celebrate 20 years

B.Leza was the stage chosen by Kumpania Algazarra to celebrate their 20th anniversary, which they celebrate in 2024, and 10 albums, with their latest work, Histórias e Raízes released in October, and the concert at B.Leza marking the beginning of the celebrations.

Histórias e Raízes was released on October 13th and brings together different styles and guests from different musical areas, which makes this folk music band from Sintra a success, and which finds inspiration for its songs in gipsy and Arabic music. , ska, latin, reggae and Balkan.

Kumpania Algazarra < 2023.10.26 < B.Leza ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

The new album features Synik, a rapper, from Zimbabwe, JP Simões, Célia Ramos, Estraca, Jaqueline Carvalho and Tiago Morna on Portuguese guitar, in a theme reminiscent of fado, Rui Carvalho on vocals and accordion, Carlos Godinho on guitar, Marcelo Almeida on bagpipes, Nuno Salvado on accordion, with Serbian Dejvid Bajramovic on trumpet and Macedonian Isidor Zecirovic also on trumpet.

Kumpania Algazarra < 2023.10.26 < B.Leza ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

On stage at B.Leza, Kumpania was joined by Estraca, Jaqueline Carvalho and Tiago Morna, Synik, Gil and Raggae C, who made the night even more fantastic, the joy that Kumpania brings to any room is visible in their faces. happy for everyone who attends their concerts and at B.Leza it was no different, the frenetic rhythm that the band imposes, which invites you to dance from start to finish, turns each concert into pure happiness.

Kumpania Algazarra < 2023.10.26 < B.Leza ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

Since its founding in 2004, Kumpania Algazarra has released ten albums Kumpania Algazarra from 2009, Kumpania Algazarra Remixed from 2010, Ao Vivo FMM – Festival de Músicas do Mundo, Sines from 2011, A Festa Continua from 2013, Acoustic Express from 2015, Let’s Go from 2019, Kumpania Algazarra – Live from 2020, Remixed, Vol. 2 from 2021, Living Room Sessions from 2021 and the last one, this year, Histórias e Rízes.

Kumpania Algazarra < 2023.10.26 < B.Leza ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

The band’s lineup includes Diogo Andrade, Hélder Silva, Luis Barrocas, Francisco Brito, Francisco Amorim, Paul Robert, Mateja Dolsak and Gil Gonçalves and continues to win over fans with each concert.

See photos from the concert here

Kumpania Algazarra < 2023.10.26 < B.Leza ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

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