Kumpania Algazarra mark 15 years of life with ‘Live’

Masters in the art of transforming each show into the craziest and most unforgettable party, the Kumpania Algazarra will release on June 19th their 7th album, Live, a live recorded recording that features the special participation of Ikonoklasta (Luaty Beirão) on the theme “Actuality”, The first single from the disc with a video clip recorded at Azenhas do Mar.

All the themes were recorded throughout 2019 in several very special concerts celebrating these 15 years and forever crystallize the unique moments lived on stage at the Festa do Avante, at the Feira da Luz in Montemor-o-Novo, on the MusicBox, at the Parties from São Lourenço in Azenhas do Mar, at the Caracol Festival in Castro Marim and at the Freedom Festival in Porto.

They were born on the streets of Sintra in 2004 and being face to face with the public has been part of their identity since the beginning. It is live that the band shows its maximum power. Saltimbancos by nature, children of the street by destination, these passionate musicians in permanent revelry, bring in their luggage almost two decades of road, stages, pilgrimages, festivals, and parties, always putting everyone dancing.

Musical influences of all colors, shapes, geographies, and latitudes are tattooed on the skin, from ska to folk, from Latin rhythms to funk and afro, from reggae to the intoxicating melodies of the Balkans. Energetic and vibrant, they have already taken their music to the four corners of the world, performing in several countries such as Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, France, Spain, Macau, United Kingdom, Serbia, among many others.

In 2019 they celebrated 15 years of life and to mark and celebrate the date, the band recorded this album live where they bring together themes from all the albums edited so far. A hard party lasts more than a day and, throughout the year, the band has been organizing various initiatives and pastimes on social networks in a constant celebration of this anniversary.

Towards the end of 2020, even more, news are coming. One of them is the launch of an album of remixes produced by several national and international artists during the period of seclusion of the pandemic.

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