“Labanta Braço”, a compilation against racism and intolerance

Playlist ranges from Slow J to Chullage, through Nídia, Bambino, DJ Marfox and many others.

Rimas e Batidas and Raptilário joined forces to create a solidary compilation that serves as a reaction to recent events (which were leveraged by the hatred and racism that was felt throughout the world – with media focus in the United States of America, but also in Portugal ). “Labanta Braço” gathers tracks by 37 black artists and can be heard on Bandcamp.

Alexandre Francisco Diaphra, Ângela Police, Arekkusu, Bambino, Blaeckfull, Psychedelic Cachupa, Danykas DJ, Deejay Télio, Dellafyah aka Kilu, DJ ADAMM, DJ Lycox, DJ Marfox, Core DJ, DJ Satelite, Dotorado Pro, El Conductor, FRXH, Herlander , BCV Jackpot, Juzicy, Macaia, Mizzy Miles, Nástio Mosquito, Nelassassin, Nelsoniq, Nídia, Nigga Fox, Nzhinga, oseias., PHOEBE, prétu, rkeat, Wake Up Sleep, Slow J, Studio Bros, Tóy Tóy T-Rex and Young Max were the artists who agreed to leave their mark on “Labanta Braço“. The cover is a work of the duo Diogo Carvalho (illustration) and João Bettencourt (design).

The idea of ​​moving forward with this project came up shortly after the assassination of George Floyd, on 25 May, and the need to take a strong position was making it increasingly urgent to materialize. The protests echoed around the world and for Portugal, months later, we witnessed the tragic death of Bruno Candé Marques, in a new crime driven by racial hatred.

This is not, however, an issue of intolerance of “today“, but something that has been ingrained in our society, and now they are calling for unity again: for all the victims of racism and social oppression. For the change.

For now, the compilation is available exclusively at Bandcamp where they accept a solidarity contribution from everyone – you can make your donation from €1 and buy the digital version.

All proceeds raised will be donated to the SOS Racismo association.

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