IServices Mobile Laboratory performs home equipment repairs

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We know that the new confinement dictates to everyone an even more dependent use of smartphones and computer equipment. Whoever is at home, confined to the state of emergency, may need to repair their equipment.

IServices‘ activity is considered an Essential Service, so it keeps all stores open, but the brand offers an additional set of services so that no customer has to leave the house or need to go to the stores.

The brand offers a free collection and delivery service, with its own courier, which will collect the equipment from the locations indicated by the customers, repair it and return it after an hour or two. On the other hand, for the entire Lisbon region, iServices also offers a home repair service, without any additional costs for its customers. It is a van prepared as a mobile laboratory, which will carry out any type of repair at the customer’s door. Both services can be ordered directly on the brand’s website, or by telephone.

To answer all questions, the iServices website also offers a Chat with immediate response from qualified technicians, which is an innovation in the equipment repair industry. All questions about software, hardware, updates, apps, and many other questions, which can be a real complication for some users, are answered on the spot by the most experienced technicians at iServices.

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