LACS and MadreMedia present “It’s ok not to be ok”, a podcast on mental health and well-being in companies

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The podcast’s name, “It’s ok to not be ok”, is nothing more or less than a loan to the phrase repeated during the Olympics regarding Simone Biles’ decision not to participate in most of the competitions in Tokyo.

Mental health is one of the unresolved problems that the pandemic left uncovered and, when a top Olympic athlete brought him into the public arena, it only reinforced the urgency to talk and share experiences and to find new answers.

Therefore, in this series of conversations, Rute Sousa Vasco, journalist and publisher of MadreMedia, and M. Inês Cabral, Head of Marketing at LACS – Community of Creators, challenged entrepreneurs and managers to share their stories of how the pandemic has changed the way we work and how we see ourselves in the world of work.

The conversations are recorded in the LACS building, in Anjos, in Lisbon, where MadreMedia has installed the “Next” content production studio.

The first episode of the podcast features Roberta Medina, the manager and face of Rock in Rio, who arrived “messing up the bandstand” with her optimism and unshakable faith in the good that we can all do for one another.

We are all part of this unique project, which is life on this planet. Each of us has a role, but the project is one. If we look at it that way, we start to worry more about the neighbour”, says Roberta Medina.

It is with this hope that the producer of the event faces the 9th edition of the Rock in Rio Lisbon festival, which has already been postponed twice since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

She explains that it is easy to be discouraged and that she was “in mourning” with the second postponement, especially for having to work on the morale of employees without any certainty about what was going to happen.

For Roberta Medina, the period we were at home “enhanced the need [to talk to each other]” and “reinforced the importance of human beings“.

Somehow we were forced to slow down a bit. I loved commuting because it’s always been a time to clear the dust. Now I don’t want to spend 50 minutes in traffic. with my children,” he reveals.

Listen to the first episode of the podcast “It’s ok to not be ok” with Roberta Medina on Spotify

About LACS:
LACS is a creative cluster open to society and dedicated to the creative industries, with three spaces in Lisbon and Cascais. We offer flexible workspaces and experiences that enable innovative ways of working and networking opportunities, allowing our members to learn, create and evolve. At LACS we seek to address the different ways of working, which are constantly changing, as well as addressing life in today’s society, enabling our members to reach higher levels of innovation and competitiveness through culture and art.

About MadreMedia:
MadreMedia is a media innovation company, focused on creating content for digital platforms and developing technological solutions that best serve this content. Among its main projects is the online news platform SAPO24 and the TV show The Next Big Idea, broadcast on SIC Notícias. MadreMedia also has a content agency that develops formats for all platforms, whether video, audio or text.

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