Lamego hosts the first global congress on human rights

The objective of the first global congress on human rights, held in Lamego on Wednesday, is to educate people about human rights and to understand the various discourses around them, the organization said today.

People do not realize that there are many human rights discourses: there is the UN’s international discourse, there is the discourse of other organizations, such as feminists, and within feminist organizations, there are still many feminisms. speeches “said João Paulo Bichão, president of the organizing committee.

He explained that this Congress “also provides an understanding of the various themes of human rights, of speeches and enables people to be educated through scientists and participants in this event“, that is, “to educate citizens for a better democracy, for a better experience in society “.

On top of the table of the first global human rights conference, under the theme ‘New citizenship and sustainable development policies’ will be the 17 global goals for sustainable development outlined by the United Nations in 2015.

We will discuss the state of the event at the event, from the eradication of hunger to the sustainable urbanization of cities, and for this reason, we have divided the Congress into nine thematic sessions, precisely because of the breadth of the discussion spread to various domains of society,” he explained.

As an example, the official spoke on labour relations, the environment, the right to health or education and, therefore, “the event covers all fields of interest of citizens and society around the world and not limited to issues that are commonly discussed, “such as women’s rights.

In Lamego, there will be 45 speakers, mostly from Portugal, Brazil and Spain, “a group of experts who are experts in this area so that they can discuss the objectives and convey new ideas, new ways to achieve the goals set by the UN.

João Paulo Bichão told the Lusa news agency that the Congress, which lasts until Saturday, “was conceived in August in São Luís do Maranhão, Brazil, in a meeting between three postdoctoral students in Salamanca“, Spain.

João Paulo Bichão, Laís Locatelli and Maria da Glória Aquino realized that “it is necessary to educate citizens for human rights” and, in that sense, in half a year they organized a Congress that “was initially meant to be smaller, but then growing naturally by itself, and has 45 speakers.

A second edition will be “extended to speakers from more countries, notably from Europe and South America“. The city is not yet decided, but the intention is to realize it “in smaller cities, which may have the possibility of hosting events, in order to make the place more dynamic,” said João Paulo Bichão, who held the first congress in Lamego, because that’s where he lives.

The Congress that will be held at the Ribeiro da Conceição Theater, this magistrate of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, will be attended by the Assistant Secretary of State and Justice, Helena Mesquita Ribeiro, and the barrister of the Order of Lawyers, Guilherme Figueiredo.

Among the speakers are rectors of universities in Portugal, Brazil and Spain and prosecutors and judges from all three countries. The congress is aimed at legal professionals, “but also teachers, students and the common citizen, because, despite having this more scientific aspect, it is a multidisciplinary congress“.

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