Book launch and tribute to Julião Sarmento at LUX

Organized by the Escola das Artes, on the 4th of November, at Lux Frágil, Lisbon

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Julião Sarmento – The Complete Film Works” is the title of the book that will be released by the School of Arts of the Catholic University, on November 4th. This date would mark the birthday of Portuguese artist Julião Sarmento, who died this year. The presentation of the book will take place at Lux Frágil, in Lisbon, where a selection of moving image works will be presented and a party where it will be possible to dance to the sound of DJs Dexter and Pedro Ramos.

The new book in homage to Julião Sarmento, edited by Nuno Crespo and designed by Pedro Falcão, brings together the 51 moving image works that Julião Sarmento produced throughout his career and is edited by the Center for Research in Science and Technology of the Arts ( CITAR) from the School of Arts of the Catholic University and by Documenta – Solar System.

This book is an acknowledgment of the extraordinary work that Julião Sarmento has developed with moving images: for the first time, all of his works in film and video appear together in an exhaustive catalog,” emphasizes Nuno Crespo, director of the Escola das Artes and responsible for coordinating it. constructions. “It’s also a tribute and thanks to everything Julião taught us.

Julião Sarmento began collaborating with the School of Arts of the Catholic University of Portugal in 2017, first in an exhibition entitled “Julião Sarmento. Film Works” where most of his works in film and video joined and which gave rise to this book, whose first steps were also accompanied by the artist.

Nuno Crespo explains that Julião Sarmento was also “a member of the advisory board and, in this role, he was with the Escola das Artes countless times in dialogue with art students and new artists, showing the same frontality, generosity and demand for quality that he assumed for with everyone around him.

The book brings together the identification, images, technical files, synopses and transcriptions of 40 works that exist today, and the memory of 11 works that were destroyed and of which no copies remain. Edited by Nuno Crespo with a graphic concept developed by Atelier Pedro Falcão, the book has unpublished texts by Delfim Sardo, CCB administrator with responsibility for programming, Kerry Brougher, founding director of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, and Chrissie Iles, curator of the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. The book also features a photographic portfolio by Carlos Lobo and an interview with Nuno Crespo and João Pedro Amorim with the artist about his work in moving image.

Julião Sarmento – The Complete Film Works” will be released by the School of Arts of the Catholic University, on November 4th, at 11 pm. During the presentation party at Lux Frágil, several of Julião Sarmento’s works in moving image will be exhibited.

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